GoldLink Unleashes the Visuals For His Single "Meditation"

For his latest single, "Meditation", GoldLink collaborated with the soulful songstress Jazmine Sullivan and beat maker extraordinaire Kaytranada. His album, At What Cost, was released earlier this year and has been making waves ever since with hits "Crew" and "Herside Story". The video shows both GoldLink and Sullivan at a warehouse party with GoldLink attempting to steal the most coveted girl at the party away from her man. Of course GoldLink shows up in the flyest attire (that moto jacket is a masterpiece) and Jazmine Sullivan is a sultry in a silk gown.  Take a peep at the music video and be sure to watch until the surprise at the end. 

Heirsound release "Proud" music video


"Sitting at the front of the Layers collection, 'Proud' is not representative of the majority of the story that follows in Layers but a short moment in time that we coped with through writing it. Essentially it is the forward of this story, sitting by itself right before Chapter 1." - Alexa San Román

LAYERS, a three-volume collection of EPs which will be released over the next few months (dates TBA), separated into different musical moods which the duo felt needed to be sectioned off for optimal understanding of the emotional journey it goes through. Announcing the forthcoming EP series today, the band released a brand new self-produced music video for the first single, "Proud," a catchy blend of indie-pop and hip-hop influence, and the track that opens the LAYERS EPs. Like a prologue sets the tone for a story, "Proud" introduces the forthcoming tracks.

Mallen release new music video for "Jack of Cards"

UK Heavy rock band Mallen has released the Official Video for their Debut Single, "Jack of Cards". Recorded and produced by David Radahd (aka Johnny RockerHeavens Basement) of Red City Recordings, "Jack of Cards" is available to download via iTunesGoogle Play and Amazon

Little Big Town will be performing on Jimmy Fallon tonight!


To celebrate the upcoming release of their new album, Little Big Town will be joining Jimmy Fallon tonight with Susan Sarandon and Elijah Wood. They'll be performing their hit single Better Man. You don't want to miss it! 

Their album THE BREAKER hits stores tomorrow! 

If you haven't checked out the music video yet, here's a refresher:



IKILLYA releases video for "Your God"

The powerful new video/song tackles the controversial subject of those who utilize religion to act violently.  Of the video and track, IKILLYA lead singer Jason Lekberg commented, "I began writing this song the day of the Bataclan shooting in Paris.  That event helped me finally put into words my disgust with people who use their interpretation of "god" to justify hurting, killing or infringing on the rights of others.  It's the first IKILLYA song ever to use an expletive, but I don't know that there is any more appropriate way to express how we feel".

Check the video out here:

The Summer Set release live music video for "The Night Is Young"

The Night Is Young is the anthem for every TSS fan. Once again, The Summer Set give us something to hold on to. Every Half Moon Kid can watch and relive moments from their latest tour in this live music video. 

Ben Hazlewood releases new music video for "Drive on"

Australian pop artist, Ben Hazlewood released the music video for his single "Drive On". Depicting the story of how he helped a friend get through an abusive relationship. 
"[The relationship] was something that she had been so unhappy in for such a long time, but couldn't bring herself to end it," Hazlewood says "It was emotionally abusive from the start and she began to withdraw from everything as a result. I had always let her know I would be there for her whatever she decided. Once it became physically abusive, she made the decision to leave and I just remember being in the car after I picked her up and her saying: 'I don't care where we go, just drive.'"
Watch the music video here:

Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello are doing some Bad Things.

Machine Gun Kelly dropped the video for his sultry duet with Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello. The cinematic video matches the dramatic images the lyrics encourage while listening to it. Check out the video. And make sure to watch it a few times because you'll see something new every time. It's like watching a movie. And it's a movie that I think you'll really enjoy. 

In Case You Missed It: Kehlani Releases Music Video For "Distraction"

Fresh off the success of her single "CRZY", Kehlani released the color-coordinated video for "Distraction". With subtle 90's influences and a debatable homage to Destiny Child's color themed rooms in their video for "Say My Name", Kehlani's latest visual release is pleaser for both the eyes and ears.

Escape The Fate release new music video for "Breaking Me Down"

Escape The Fate release long-awaited music video for their emotional hit "Breaking Me Down". 

The band has just kicked off their Hate Poison Tour with Nonpoint, Get Scared, Through Fire and Failure Anthem. 
Get tickets here: GA / VIP

Danny Worsnop releases new country hit "Mexico"

Asking Alexandria, We Are Harlot and now... country music? You heard it right. Danny Worsnop is incredibly talented and taking it all on. Check out his new music video for "Mexico". The country music community is excited to see more from him. Pre-Order his new album "The Long Road Home" out February 17, 2017 

Band To Watch: The Brevet


If the SoCal alternative-rock four piece The Brevet doesn't sound familiar to you, they will soon. Their music has been featured all over prime time television shows and they've opened for major acts such as Young the Giant and Airbourne Toxic Event. Coming straight out of Irvine, California (which is also the birthplace for bands like Thrice and Young the Giant), this four piece is destined for great things.

We were invited to a small, intimate show at the No Name Bar last month, where The Brevet showcased tunes off their new EP entitled, "EMBERS: Ch. 2". The bar was an ideal setting to highlight their talent and mingled with the overall feel of their music. The lights dimmed low and the four men packed themselves onto a tiny stage, illuminated by two large spotlights on either side. As lead vocalist Aric began to croon, an evident similarity with his voice and bands like Needtobreathe, Mumford & Sons, and The Lumineers began to appear. A silence spread over the room and all the attention was drawn to the stage. Even those dining who were unaware that they were in for a show, lowered their forks and turned, setting their sites on The Brevet. Their sound is a perfect blend of rock, with hints of pop, and a tinge of folk music.

Following the release of their EP, the Brevet unveiled new visuals for their single "Ember". The video is set in old Hollywood era, featuring a dancer going through the different stages of her life. The Brevet puts on a magnetizing display of emotion that is communicated beautifully through music, easily captivating anyone in the vicinity of their presence. Catch them live at their upcoming shows below and give their new music video a watch (or three).

Vince Staples Premieres Short Film For His Prima Donna EP

As expected, Vince Staples unveiled a thought provoking music video that consists of snippets of each single off his new Prima Donna EP. Althought the underlying meanings aren't crystal clear, there is an obvious commentary on racism in america and celebrity lifestyle. Watch it for yourself and let us know what you think it's about!

Die Antwoord Releases A Crazy Cinematic Music Video For "Banana Brains"

Leading up to the release of their new album titled, "Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid" on September 16th, Die Antwoord released the music video for their single "Banana Brains".

Throughout the 7 minute duration of the video, Die Antwoord takes you on a journey involving drugs, a rave, and lots of neon lights. Once again, the group inserted a controversial reference into the video by wearing leg blades and depicting the murder scenario of South African runner/convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius's girlfriend.

Of Mice & Men's Heartfelt Video for "Real"

Of Mice & Men set out to get the answer to a simple question. "What makes you feel real?" And their fans gladly answered. They went in videos and pictures of themselves with the answer written on poster-board and the band pieced them all together for this video. Cut between laid back footage of the band performing the song, this video is a love letter to their fans. One that lets them know they don't take them for granted and they do care about them. It's a good message set to a great song. 

On  a personal note - as a fan of this band for a long time - this is my favorite video they've put out. I love it. 

CL Is Ready To Take Over America With the Release Of Her New Single, "Lifted"

K-Pop princess, CL (formerly of the group 2NE1), just released her second entirely English single & video and is ready to take over America. After the her collaboration with Diplo, OG Maco, and Riff Raff, CL is ready to go it on her own. With a little help from Asher Roth, Teddy, and samples of Method Man by the Wu-Tang Clan, CL's American debut is starting to look promising.

Against The Current Releases the Music Video For "Young & Relentless"

I dare you to head over to watch the video that Against The Current released today for "Young and Relentless" and not want to go out and have a great time. The infectiously catchy song now has an equally catchy video. It's a chill vibe with a great band who give us a fun time for a few minutes. Check it out. 

I See Stars Releases Visuals For "Running with Scissors"

Today saw the release of I See Stars new video for their song Running With Scissors. The video shows all sides of the band. From seeing how amped up the crowd is from the stage view that the band has. To seeing the quiet moments of writing and contemplation. It's a live tour video full of excitement and powerful images, mixed with a lot of heart. Which is exactly what this band has always been. I personally love the video. And can't wait to see what they do next. Their new album, Treehouse, is available now. Make sure to pick it up.