Mura Masa Lights Up The Orange County

Mura Masa at the Santa Ana Observatory on August 23rd, 2018

Alex Crossan  (or better known as Mura Masa) is no longer a burgeoning young musician but now a 22 year old label owner with artists of his own. He combines hip hop lyrics with his infectious electronic beats and has quickly become one of the most innovative producers in the industry. His newest singles "Complicated" & "Move Me" further continues his collaborations with vocalist Nao and introduces new-comer Octavian. 

Every single Crossan releases is reflective of his unique mixture of pop, R&B, and electronic music. Mura Masa is that artist whose singles you don't need to preview before downloading because every time they're undeniably so damn good. The Guernsey born artist arrived to the Orange County to perform for two sold nights of shows. I personally had not seen a Crossan perform for over 2 years and was pretty interested to see how his new material sounded live. I wasn't disappointed in the least. The new singles were greeted by cheers and Crossan was accompanied on stage by the ultra talented Fliss, who constantly danced around the stage, sang, rapped, and added that extra bit of energy the room needed.

After watching Crossan tinker away at all his instruments for nearly an hour and a half, the show came to an end. Every aspect of a Mura Masa performance seems to be thought through intricately and perfected come show time. Mura Masa's music is a beautiful thing to witness being performed live and undoubtedly he will begin to sell out larger venues like the Shrine in Los Angeles in the years to come, taking his music to greater heights.

Check out the latest video for his single "Complicated" featuring Nao down below!

Words & Photos by Summer Dos Santos