Peking Duk Makes Their Los Angeles Debut With The Wasted Tour

Peking Duk at the Roxy in Hollywood, CA on June 20, 2018

The Australian duo Peking Duk is named after a Chinese delicacy and it couldnt be more of a perfect name. The name itself evokes many questions and highlights their never ending quirky attitude. I originally first saw Peking Duk perform in 2015 on Coachella's Sahara stage. I was able to walk up to the barrier and watched the entire set solo, head banging the entire time. This initial introduction left me curious as to who Peking Duk is. Fast forward three years later, I jumped at the chance to see their Los Angeles debut at the famous Roxy in Hollywood.

Peking Duk is most known for the numerous comical videos that accompany their music. Frequently they're featured in disguise of some sorts or dancing enthusiastically to their tracks. They were able to bring that humor to life at the Roxy. The duo shimmied the entire set and got the very sweaty crowd involved whether it be clapping or simply jumping into the crowd themselves. They also featured a rotation of guest singers including the talented Aluna Francis of Alunageorge. After the night ended and we escaped the humid venue to breathe fresh air, I realized that Peking Duk will eventually be filling out the larger venues in LA in due time. Their brand of electro house is extremely commercial and will be liked by the masses. How they've been able to fly under the radar is a complete head-scratcher. Do yourself a favor and binge watch all their music videos and its a guarantee that you'll fall in love with them just like I did.

Photos & Words by Summer Dos Santos