Quinn XCII Sells Out The Santa Ana Observatory For The Story of Us Tour

Quinn XCII with Chelsea Cutler at the Santa Ana Observatory on March 29th, 2018

Quinn XCII is not the newest pop vocal powerhouse in the game but he's rapidly acquiring a crazy dedicated fan base. Like most of his tour, the Santa Ana date of his tour was sold out weeks in advance. I truly did not know what to expect once I stepped into the venue, but immediately I saw college age kids maneuvering the crowd, beers in hand. This was definitely a bit older of a fan base than I expected. His love-tinged tunes are catchy and uniquely his own (i.e. Fake Denim). The crowd wasn't in attendance just for Quinn XCII; his oepner Chelsea Cutler was greeted by screams, hands reaching out, and even a few sneaky fans that slyly got into the photo pit to yell out their adoration for her. Towards the end of the night, there was even a proposal between a young couple! (Check the gallery for a picture of the moment)

Quinn XCII's live show is filled with dancing, lots of energy, and an hour plus of beautiful pop/electronic infused songs. Give The Story of Us a spin or three, you'll thank me later.

Photos and Words by Summer Dos Santos