Miguel Showcases War & Leisure At An Intimate Performance In Orange County

Miguel at the Santa Ana Observatory on April 18th, 2018

After an ambitious and stellar display of his immense talent on the Coachella Outdoor stage (the second largest out of seven total stages), Miguel made a pitstop in Orange County for a sideshow before his second weekend in the desert. Freshly released, his new album War & Leisure is a well-rounded follow up to 2015’s Wildheart. The breakout single, Skywalker, still maintains heavy rotation on radio airwaves as a soundtrack to summer. 

Gazing up at the stage, Miguel’s team managed to assemble a bunch of large risers with a platform upon the Observatory’s tiny stage. It made for an incredible sight, with Miguel eventually appearing atop and kicking the night off with Criminal. A ongoing theme throughout his set was change; the necessity to be conscious of the current political climate and the prominent issues at hand like immigration and the federal reserve. 

Later in the night, Miguel brought his brother onto the stage to perform Deal, but first attempted to explain the federal reserve to a bunch of drunk and very horny girls. I applaud his efforts to bring awareness to the causes and issues he deems urgent; not all celebrities use their platform for good. Throughout the show, numerous bras were hurled at Miguel (I counted four total) and the screams of adoration from female fans never seemed to end.

As an encore, he performed Pussy Is Mine, Adorn, and everyone's current favorite, Skywalker. Miguel oozes sex appeal and uses that to his full advantage as he dances around the stage, seducing all his fans with his voice. But don’t let that over shadow his talent; he has no shortage of it. His voice sounds even more incredible live than in any recording and his set list is packed with hits ranging back to his debut album All I Want Is You. If you missed him at Coachella or on his tour, go stream his performance from weekend one and sit there in awe of how beautiful his incredible his stage production was.

Photos and Words by Summer Dos Santos