Troye Sivan Brings the Bloom Tour To Anaheim

Troye Sivan with Kim Petras and Carlie Hanson at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA on October 27th, 2018

After a phenomenal year and the release of his second album Bloom  , Troye Sivan embarked on an American tour to bring his queer pop songs to the masses. One thing to note about Troye’s tour is how his two opening acts were women apart of the LGBTQ community, Carlie Hanson and Kim Petras. Ever since he became public about his sexuality, Troye has been a very vocal advocate of LGBTQ causes such as the Trevor Project and campaigning to make conversion therapy illegal nationwide. 

His openness about his own experience, in both interviews and his songs, has helped provide comfort to many young LGBTQ youth. Once I approached the venue, it was evident that a vast majority of the fans attending the concert were either on the LGBTQ spectrum themselves or allies. Many adorned the gay pride flag or were openly affectionate with their partner and it was a safe space for them to be themselves. Carlie Hanson and Kim Petras kicked off the night with their high energy sets, pleasing many adoring fans who had clamored to the front to be near them. Petras came out in an oversized athletic hoodie and some bejeweled shoes to perform some of her newest songs off her Halloween themed EP “Turn Off The Light”. The trans popstar has also been an active supporter for trans rights, having transitioned when she 16. This sent shockwaves throughout Germany due to the legal age to transition being 18, as she began to advocate for her transition when she was merely 14. Petras is a role model for trans youth and her lack of shying away from discussing her transition gives confidence to other youth to own their truth.

When it was time for Troye to perform, he slowly walked from side stage and performed “Seventeen” in front of the curtains. After the song, the curtains dropped to reveal a grandeur stage design that included risers and a full band. He immediately transitioned into singing the title track from his album, “Bloom”. Troye radiates joy and love to his fans and it was felt throughout the entire venue. At one point, a fan against the barrier Facetimed her friend and Troye took the phone. He recognized the fan on the other end of the call and explained to the audience that he accidentally bailed on plans with this particular fan twice, owing her redo. The fact that he not only recognized the fan but talked about her like a familiar friend makes Troye different than other popstars. After closing out his set with “Youth” and “My My My!”, I glanced around and saw people of all ages; a kid that couldnt have been more than 8 years old with his mother, a teenage couple holding hands, and a crying girl being comforted by her dad due to over excitement. The crowd was full of caring individuals that were expressing love for one another in some sort of way. By sharing his experiences through his music, Troye has effectively helped so many other LGTBQ youth cope with their own sexuality and he’s created a safe space for them to celebrate their identity.

Photos and Words by Summer Dos Santos