Whethan Illuminates the Observatory On His Life Of A Wallflower Tour

Whethan with Louis Futon at the Santa Ana Observatory on October 19th, 2018

Santa Ana is no stranger to hosting some of the craziest electronic/dance artists but Whethan threw them an unexpected curveball. With his seemingly simplistic stage design, the crowd was shocked the second projections of his moniker and various images began to appear. However, once the lasers turned on, everyone lost any bit of their mind that was left. As one of the handfuls of sober patrons in the crowd, I was impressed with the dancing lights combined with the projections and Whethan’s genius drops. His unique blend of pop and future bass showcases the immense amount of talent and potential the 19 year producer has. Having already collaborated on songs with Charlie XCX, HONNE, Oh Wonder, Dua Lipa, and even Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, one could only guess as to what genre-bending single he’s working on now.

I have actually already seen Whethan perform two other times this year at Outsidelands and Coachella. Both times he was given a mid afternoon set, which is usually a less than ideal time slot especially for EDM artists. He may have been unable to showcase his lighting design but he sent a shockwave through the Coachella crowd when he brought out the “yodeling Walmart kid” aka Mason Ramsey. Even though Mason’s music and fanbase is the polar opposite of Whethan’s, he received immediate adoration from the crowd.

Throughout this tour, Whethan was able to show his fans exactly how he envisioned his music to be enjoyed. By bringing along Louis Futon as one of the many openers for his tour, it help keep the crowd’s energy high. Futon’s music plucks influences from R&B, hip hop, and even a little rock. He played a majority of the instruments himself and was even accompanied by a trumpet player, which the crowd was overly enthusiastic about.

Whethan is able to highlight the best attributes in any artist he works with and it shows the second you hear his singles live. At an astonishingly young age, Whethan has already performed at some of the largest festivals and toured the country. Only 2 years into his budding career, he’s already created ripples of interest throughout the EDM community. Surely he’s about to hit everyone with a tsunami of new music that will solidify his place among the industry’s hottest producers today.

Check out his latest single with HONNE below!

Words & Photos by Summer Dos Santos