Album Review: Anthony Green's "Pixie Queen"

Written by Joey Merkel

Working on three different projects simultaneously is supposed to be difficult. In the music business having just one be successful is hard enough. However, his fans will have no trouble believing that Anthony Green has once again raised the bar when they listen to 'Pixie Queen,' the singer-songwriter’s fourth solo LP.

With ‘Pixie’ Green takes the listener on a journey that is often times hard to continue. Not because of the music, which is infectious and beautiful, but because of the raw emotion Green cuts loose on every ensuing track.

While all 11 tracks are about his wife, it would be lazy to describe this as an album of love songs. Instead we get an album filled with what happens when love, life and a love life all intersect.

Immediately the listener is hooked with ‘You’ll Be Fine,’ the album’s first single, as we feel the effects of addiction that plagued Green’s early years.

Screaming like a whale from the love I’ve failed/Dreaming of a way but you know my hands are tied. Falling to the floor in a restless state/picking at my skin cause you know I can’t be saved.

Green gives us a ‘Reason to Stay’ just in time to give us hope that we may see a happy ending. But as the ‘East Coast Winters’ sweep in we realize Green’s internal struggle continues.

If you walked a mile in my shoes you’d never choose, you’d never come back here. Seen this place a dozen times before but not as empty, as empty as it is.

The album ends with a trio of songs craving for more in life. As he butters us up with ‘Better Half,’ he begs for forgiveness with the aptly titled ‘I’m Sorry for Everything I’ve Ever Done.’

We find peace with the title track in ‘Pixie Queen.’

I never thought she'd be, still sleeping next to me/If I can make it through, I’ll meet you there/I never thought she’d be, you'd still be my pixie queen.

Green can’t believe that he’s been able to hold on to his love after what feels like a lifetime of pain described in ‘Pixie.’ But through addiction, rehab, recovery and touring we find solace that happy endings are possible even when it seems we are buried in our darkest moments.