British Invasion: Nothing But Thieves Gives the Constellation Room a Wake Up Call

Nothing But Thieves with Civil Twilight at the Constellation Room on September 23rd, 2016

Since the release of their self-titled debut album this past October, Nothing But Thieves has gained a massive amount of traction within a short period of time. With their singles "Trip Switch" and "Wake Up Call" gaining airplay, the Brits have embarked on a stateside run of their tour. 

Since I was already extremely familiar with the venue, I expected the sold out Constellation Room to be quite packed. And it was just that, but almost unbearably so. As I squeezed my way through the crowd (much to the dismay of the lovely patrons being jabbed with my backpack), I noticed that there was quite a broad age range in attendance. There were small children, all the way up to parents accompanying their teens and even older couples out on a date night. Almost every facet of the age range was represented. 

Civil Twilight played a beautiful set before Nothing But Thieves was due on the stage. The lead singer is incredibly charismatic and even shimmied over to me during the set to stare into my camera (if I was using the correct lens, the photos would have been hilarious). In case you're not familiar with Civil Twilight, they had an incredibly popular song called "Letters From the Sky". They just recently released an acoustic version of their 2015 album, "Stories of an Immigrant". 

As Nothing But Thieves arrived on the Constellation Room stage, the energy in the room shifted drastically. People's eyes lit up with joy and bodies began to dance around as much as they could, given the lack of personal space. Almost identical to their recordings, Nothing But Thieves performed with impeccable vocals and booming rhythms throughout the night. Sometimes seeing one of your favorite bands live isn't as great as you hoped, due to the perfected versions of their tracks you've heard repetitively. This was certainly not the case with NBT. Everything sounded just as flawless as their album. 

For a first album, or even a fifth album, Nothing But Thieves have nailed down their sound and created a dreamscape of catchy rock tunes that are sure to help them sky rocket up the charts. If you haven't bothered to give their album a listen, you're missing out on a well-crafted album that I personally have no problem listening to from start to finish. In a society centered around radio singles, Nothing But Thieves has created a rare master piece that is hard to come by nowadays.