YG Brings the F*ck Donald Trump Tour To the Observatory For Two Sold Out Nights

The Fuck Donald Trump Tour: YG feat. RJ, Kamaiyah, Slim 400, and Sad Boy at the Santa Ana Observatory on September 19th, 2016

As the topic of racial inequality in America has sparked protests, verbal outcry, and has created an overall powerful movement over the last two years, YG's Fuck Donald Trump tour couldn't have came into town on better timing. With brewing tensions due to the upcoming presidential election, YG rolls into the well known conservative county of Orange. YG's latest effort, Still Brazy was released in June and urges everyone to take a stand against the injustices that plague many Americans today.

Supporting YG on the tour were a few of his fellow 4Hunnid artists, Sad Boy, RJ, Slim 400, & Kamaiyah. All four brought a unique perspective and different vibes to the stage. Sad Boy prominently displayed his love for his fellow Latinos through everything from his shirt (Que Viva La Raza) to the green and red colored lights reflecting onto the stage, and he even played a few Mexican classics. Kamaiyah represented the Bay and strong female rappers by performing her popular hits "How Does It Feel" and "Freaky Freaks". I spotted kids in the pit from the get go, watching their auntie perform. I'm still impressed at the ability of one of the babies to stay asleep through the entire show. After Kamaiyah, RJ appeared on stage with the absolute craziest hairdo that had his name etched into the side. He ramped up the energy and hyped up the crowd for what was about to be a brazy night.

Nothing compared to YG's set. Making his entrance by being rolled out on a stretcher, from the beginning he was making a statement. Entirely on it's own level, his set stressed the importance of being conscious of the injustices occurring and he even took breaks in between performing his bangers to discuss how to not get killed by the police ("When the police pull you over, you run") or to gather opinions on how people would fuck up Donald Trump up if they ever met him. There was even a mosh pit during "Police Get Away With Murder" , which isnt a first for a rap show but it's certainly a rarity of sorts. Eventually, he chose two lucky fans to come on stage and help him beat up a Donald Trump pinata. One girl emblazoned the words "Fuck Donald Trump" on her bare chest and flashed YG, successfully earning her right to get on stage.

YG not only consistently creates bangers that hold a place both in and outside of the club, but he ensures they have meaning. Still Brazy is something we needed to have and I applaud YG for being so outspoken, creating even more discussion and bringing attention to the most important topic of our generation.