Show in Review: Haelos at the Constellation Room

Haelos at the Constellation Room in Santa Ana on August 4th, 2016

After attending this year's Coachella, I was upset that I had missed an opportunity to watch Haelos perform live. Lucky for me and any other American Haelos fans, they just wrapped up a short tour around to a few U.S. cities, including dates at Lollapalooza and Outside Lands. The British trio just only released their first single, "Dust" last year and it blew up overnight. They share similar qualities with the critically acclaimed duo The XX, but it is evident that something is a bit different about their specific brand of electronic pop. Self described as "music you put on after the club", their voices evoke dark, brooding emotions that live inside everyone.

At their show, the spectators were swaying along with Lotti, seemingly entranced by her voice. Dark blue lights set the tone for concert and made everyone gather closer to the stage, to get a better look at the band. I witnessed people tapping along on the stage to the beat and erratically dancing with a very apparent connection to the music. Haelos is able to transcend boundaries and connect on an entirely different level with their fanbase. I look forward to the things to come for Haelos because this is only the very beginning.

Words and Photos by Summer Dos Santos