A Night at The Observatory: Snakehips & Bondax Take Over

Snakehips at the Observatory and Bondax at the Constellation Room in Santa Ana on
August 12th, 2016

The premiere music venue in the Orange County, the Observatory in Santa Ana, can have up to FOUR concerts in one night. With two rooms, one large and one more intimate room (called the Constellation Room), they frequently host late shows that occur around 10:30, after the first round of shows finish up. On this particular Friday night, the Observatory was host to two fast-rising UK electronic acts. I took the task upon myself to go to both shows to see how the environments differed and just how the Observatory manages to pack its venue full of music fans, night after night.

Since Snakehips wasn't due on stage until about 11:30, I decided to hang out in the Constellation Room and hear Bondax's set. Immediately, I noticed the crowd in the Constellation Room was older. Not middle aged, mind you, but they were all at least of the legal age to drink. As for the fans waiting for Snakehips, not so much. The girls waiting against the barrier for Snakehips asked if I knew when they would be coming on stage. When I told them it would be around 11:30, they nearly had a heart attack. Their eyes bulged out of their sockets and they instantly started discussing how that would be too late for their parents to come pick them up. Even though Snakehips' crowd had a mixture of old and young, the latter seemed to be the majority of the crowd.

Both Bondax and Snakehips are duos, originating from the UK and have made a name for themselves via mixes posted on sites such as Soundcloud. I personally became a fan of Bondax after the release of their song "Temptation" featuring the amazing singer Erik Hassle. This collaboration was too perfect to be real. Along with other originals such as "All I See" and "You're So", the duo has also remixed classics like "No Diggity", which currently has over 4.5 million plays on Soundcloud. Bondax transcends the lines between electronic, house, and garage pop. Hopefully their rare visit stateside will become something more frequent once the U.S. begins to realize that these Brits are the sound of whats to come in the electronic scene.

After Bondax, I ran over to the large room to catch Snakehips in action. Having already seen them perform at the Novo in Los Angeles a few months back, I had an idea of what to expect, except the duo has released their new single with ZAYN (formerly a member of One Direction) called "Cruel" since their last visit to Southern California. Snakehips has seen an almost meteoric rise up the charts since the release of their single "All My Friends" featuring Tinashe and Chance the Rapper. Before the single's release, the duo gained traction with their popular remix of The Weeknd's song "Wanderlust". They've released two EP's featuring incredible collaborations with Anderson .Paak, Syd, and Tory Lanez. As we anxiously wait on a full album, "Cruel" couldn't be more of a great sign that their album will showcase their incredulous production, along with special features from America and Britain's best talent.