Day N' Night Festival Draws Hip Hop Fans From All Over To Party In The Orange County

Day N' Night Festival- Oak Canyon Park in Orange, CA on August 13th & 14th

Photos and Words by Summer Dos Santos

The Observatory in Orange County unleashed a plethora of late summer/early fall festivals and the first of which was the much anticipated Day N' Night Festival. Taking place at Oak Canyon Park, the lineup boasted big names in hip hop such as Bryson Tiller, A$AP Rocky, Lil Yachty, and YG. In it's first year, Day N' Night was already looking to be a promising and long lasting festival.

On the first day, I was greeted by 90 degree heat that was relentless and unforgiving. Luckily the park had plenty of trees that provided some heat relief and even allowed festival-goers a chance to watch the performances on the main stage without being subjected to the sun's rays. Early on in the day, my focus was on fashion. This festival is unlike any other that has came before it, so I knew that people would dress the part. There was an over saturation of Thrasher shirts, some were tie-dyed, crop tops, and I even spotted a pair of shorts emblazoned with the Thrasher logo. A shortage of everything and anything Supreme didn't seem to exist either, along with Tory Lanez-esque bleached metal shirts, Acne Kurt Cobain inspired sunglasses, YG lookalikes, and the Guess striped shirts that A$AP Rocky recently starred in a campaign for. I did spot a few people that appeared to be under the impression that they were attending Coachella, sporting fringe, heeled boots, and the entirety of the Free People store. Clothing booths were also abundant and provided a new outlet for fashion creatives to sell to consumers.

The first standout performance of the day was an Observatory favorite, Madeintyo. He set the bar high and pumped up the crowd for the next act, Lil Yachty. Without a doubt, Yachty drew the biggest crowd of the weekend and a massive clusterfuck ensued. Even in the photo pit, I was getting pushed around and elbowed, due to the spectators with all access. After Lil Yachty, Mikewillmadeit won the surprise of the weekend by bring Rae Sremmurd on stage, fresh off the release of their new album "Sremm Life 2". The last three acts of the day were fairly high profile and well received commerically: Post Malone, YG, and A$AP Rocky. Post Malone, the nicest guy in the scene, had the biggest grin plastered on his face while performing his hits like, "Go Flex" &  "White Iverson". YG stepped on the stage shortly after and in my opinion, put on the best set of the night. Although he didn't come out in his typically red and white striped attire, I think it'd be a little bit of overkill considering enough of his fans were mimicking his style already. To finish off the day, A$AP Rocky appeared on top of a massive screen that rose far above the stage (Side note: this is the exact same set up as his Coachella performance, in case any of y'all are wondering). Towards the middle of his set, the entire A$AP mob minus Ferg arrived and energized the crowd.

Going into day two, my body was aching and I was questioning how I managed to avoid a nasty sunburn, feeling that it was bound to happen eventually. Early on in the day, Famous Dex and Rich the Kid put on the most animated and energetic set. Shortly before the next act was due on stage, they proceeded to run around to the soundboard and continue to entertain their fans. The next act on the main stage and arguably the underdogs of the weekend was THEY. This duo has been a personal favorite since the release of their song, "Back It Up". Their set seemed to be cut a lot shorter than expected due to production lagging behind the set performance times by over an hour already. Despite their short amount of time on stage, they won over the crowd in the end and I expect to be seeing a lot more of them in the near future. The most outplace on the lineup, Aussie DJ Flume, garnered a huge crowd. Flume just sold out four nights at the Shrine in LA and I knew he would win over any doubters with his hip hop/electronic infused DJ set. The other much sought after performance was the collective known as Soulection. Given the longest set of the day (2 1/2 hours), Andre Power, Joekay, Esta, and Sosupersam drew a large mosh pit of Soulection admirers. It was evident from the amount Soulection logos on everything from shirts to hats to waterbottles, that a lot of diehard Soulection supporters were present. After Soulection, I headed over to the main stage for the remainder of the night. Vic Mensa performed a very politically charged set and made it explicitly clear that black lives matter. His messaged resonated with the crowd, as heads began to nod along to his speech and fists rose into the air in a show of support. The third to final act to perform was SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ. I wasn't too familiar with their music so I didn't know what to expect, nor what to predict of the crowd's reaction to the group. The group incited a wall of death, a very impressive one at that. Anyone would think they were at a metal concert with sheer volume of mosh pits and large scale wall of death. Another personal favorite of mine, Bryson Tiller, put on a pitch perfect performance and surprised the crowd by bringing Travis Scott out on stage. Closing out the night, Young Thug inspired even more mosh pits to form and within the first few songs I could hear the crowd singing every syllable of the choruses.

Every festival in its first year of existence will most likely have a few kinks to iron out. Despite the major production issues (which appeared to be out of control of the festival organizers), the festival was well done and has me excited to see what's in store for next year. Anything the Observatory touches seems to turn to gold and this is no exception. Next up on their festival roster are Beach Goth and Chain Fest. Be sure to catch us at both and get your tickets before they sell out!