“Where Will Your Misadventures Take You?” A Review by Natalie Valasek

Four years after the release of their summer smash album “Collide with the Sky,” the southern California quartet are back with the follow up. Originally slated for a fall 2014 release, and then a TBA date in 2015, “Misadventures” is finally here. The title of the album refers to the trials and tribulations that the band went through to bring this album to life. For one of the first times in his career, front man and main lyricist Vic Fuentes struggled to find the words he was looking for on this album. After taking his own series of misadventures across the United States, Fuentes was able to find the inspirations to pen the new album.

To tide listeners over last summer before beginning their stint on the main stage at the Vans Warped Tour, the band released the lead single of their then untitled fourth album. The song “The Divine Zero” is a sonically blended combo of rock and garage grunge, coupled with the angst-ridden yet inspiring lyrics that front man Vic Fuentes has come to be known for. The fast paced single is a return to the early sounds of PTV, yet boasts a sound that easily fits in with the current vibe of the band.

The next two singles “Texas Is Forever” and “Circles” came after the band and their label announced the official release date for “Misadventures.” The song “Texas Is Forever” is another heavy hitter that drew on the bands early days as well. “Circles,” however, was something new that listeners would never really expect to hear from the band. While the song resonates the melodic pop rock sounds of some of the tracks found on Collide, “Circles” brings its own vibe of smooth pop punk, perhaps influenced by Fuentes’ close friendships with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low, and Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade. The track “Floral & Fading,” which Fuentes wrote about his relationship with girlfriend Danielle (who can be seen in the band’s video for “King for A Day), also palpitates the smooth pop punk feel.

“Misadventures” delivers the unique instrumental tones that Pierce the Veil have built up since their first album as well. Beyond the front man’s lyrical prowess are bassist Jaime Preciado, guitarist Tony Perry, and Vic’s younger brother Mike Fuentes on drums. While Vic is also a guitarist for the band, it is usually Perry contributing to the faster riffs such as those found on the track “Today I Saw the World,” as well as the album’s opening track “Dive In.” The hard hitting (no pun intended) drum beats that the younger Fuentes brother brings to this album show that even four albums into their career, he is still focused on the continuous honing of his craft. Known for being a bit of a mad man behind his kit on both recordings and at the band’s live shows, to hear the more frictionless sounds brought to tracks such as “Bedless” and the album’s closer “Songs for Isabelle” (a very personal track that Vic penned for a fan) presenting an almost alluring quality for the listeners who might be seeking a change from the ordinary. The strong bass lines that Preciado brings to the tracks “Phantom Power & Ludicrous Speed” and “Sambuka” certainly round out the equilateral heart beat sounds brought across the expanse of the album.

There is no doubt that “Misadventures” is the album that PTV fans everywhere have been craving since the release of “Collide with The Sky.” The album certainly presents what the fans have come to expect from the band, while also providing tracks that each tell their own exclusive story, while coming together as a while to paint the visions that Fuentes may not have set out to craft in the first place, but finally gave to the band’s loyal collection of listeners. The only question left now is to ask: where will your own misadventures take you?

Misadventures is out May 13th.