Band to Watch: SWMRS

Formerly called Emily's Army, SWMRS has drawn on various influences including: the Ramones, Beach Boys, and early Green Day albums. The latter shouldn't be much of a surprise considering Joey's dad is Billie Joe Armstrong. This isn't just another famous musician's band; SWMRS holds their own. Back when they were still going under the moniker Emily's Army, I watched them perform at Warped Tour and was impressed with their stage presence. Expecting them to be meek and timid due to their young age, they proved otherwise. 

Now they have created an album produced by FIDLAR's lead vocalist and released was just released this month. In support of their single Figuring It Out, they tapped another famous Oakland native, Kreayshawn, to direct the video for it. These guys are on our radar and they're only getting started. Check out their video above and let us know what you think!