Show in Review: Migos at the Santa Ana Observatory

Migos with Skippa Da Flippa at the Santa Ana Observatory, February 19th 2016

10:30pm on a Santa Ana street is not the imagined time nor place where you’d find bumper-to-bumper traffic. A visit from Migos and YRN would change that, all for a late Friday night show at the city’s Observatory. Turds blocked intersections and bogarded lanes delaying most entry into what would be a venue packed featuring what might have been some the most piped up kids in America. While the Orange County is not the place that elicits those stereotypes, it seems anything is possible with the Migos and the QC crew.

It all began at 11:45 when Atlanta’s own DJ Ray G stepped out looking as icy as anyone else, including the Migos. Ray G brought to life the Yung Rich Nation album cover; a super bejeweled medallion which hung from a gilded chain. He wasted no time introducing the Atlanta rhythm perching the city on top of the world in terms of music production right now. He paired snippets of “March Madness” with Carnage’s “WDYW” throwing in his signature yelling crescendo leading to beat drops to add effect.

The crescendo built, as opener, label mate, and bifocal toting Skippa da Flippa made his grand entry. Skippajumped out bouncing to his smashes like “How Fast Can You Count It?” and “Safe House”. Atypical of an “opener” with unknown songs and a poor fit for the main bill as we’ve seen so many times before, Skippa was not so much an opening act but as a prelude to the main event; a Charmeleon to Charizard type of transition, if you will, with respect to the fire they both bring. In fact, Skippa, the Dab originator(!), might be confused with a Migo without close listening. They both bring life to trapped out beats with raspy vocals that have made for the signature QC/YRN sound that sold out the venue. One wonders whether it’d be Skippa in the main sequence if wasn’t Takeoff, Quavo or Offset at the helm. After peeling out his t-shirt and displaying his evolved dabbing abilities, Skippa ended his set with “Bando”, a Migos track, conflating the ATL princes even further.


Ray G now regained the reins for a few one final interlude before we delving deep into the trap with three ‘Migos. He demands the whole crowd to yell “Migos” to lure them out. The crowd fails to Ray G’s dismay.

“She was taking selfies!” he says pointing to a girl in the middle.

“He was doing…  I don’t what the fuck he was doing”, he says pointing to the right of the crowd with a bemused tone.

“And he..”, the DJ starts, pointing to the left side, “was looking at his homeboy’s ass!”

The crowd is prompted once again, this time following through leaving the Hot 107.9 DJ with a few more things to say before the Dab Tour went full force. He lays down a couple of rules for the droves of teenagers; the trap dukes and duchesses.

“Rule number 1 is fuck the rules !” Ray G screams. “And rule number 2 is fuck a nigga who follow rule number 2!”

The lawless DJ would live up to his name by the end of the Migos set but not before one of the livest shows to likely ever take place in Santa Ana. Migos moseys out from backstage; Takeoff in a red racing jacket and motorcycle jeans, Quavo in camo trenchcoat, and the fresh out Offset in a long white lab coat-ish jacket over a purple Bape tee. They had arrived. The trio eased their way into their climax starting off with the cuts only known by their true day one fans who were in full effect.. In fact, it seems they needed to be uber piped up before getting to the gold that attracted the sold out crowd as Takeoff was delivered a double cup of what was likely Actavis and Offset taking several trips to the DJ booth to retrieve a tall set of double cups. Quavo stayed with a blunt in hand, while the bug-eyed lens wearing Takeoff was nice enough to pass one of his Ls to someone in the front row.

The knocking “Hannah Montana” was the first of their charted songs played. The drop sends the crowd into a frenzy. Everyone’s jumping while a fairly vicious moshing stirs in the pit. Money flew from the balcony, the same way it would whenever one of the Atlanta trio’s top songs rang out as if each banger hit the jackpot. Up there, a small cohort of savages could be seen dancing on the rails and twerking on each other without the slightest bit of discretion. It was as if they wanted to challenge the Migos for the crowd’s attention. But Migos continued, too busy dabbin’ and swerving as Offset would with his tripartite dreads bouncing at the front of the stage. Skippa joined YRN out on stage displaying his dabbing prowess throughout the show as well.

Before another balconic jackpot elicited by “Look At My Dab”, Quavo, with the autotuned mic that gave their live performance an in-studio feel, got off into a freestyle mentioning Santa Ana and vising Skippa for a showcase and the concertgoers simultaneously. It was the last smash we’d get from the group on this night as the curfew came and went with DJ Ray G, sticking to his guns, declaring “fuck the curfew!”

While Migos would clock out before their breakout “Versace”, they stayed on the stage kicking it with the fashion forward Ian Connor and others while Ray G did what he did best; break rules and play hits dating back to Juvenile’s colloquial classic. Most made their way toward the exit but I held hope that Migos would hop back on the mic for “Versace” and that crowd from the balcony was intent on both getting their money’s worth and giving the crowd theirs, too!

At a distance, one couldn’t mistake two large, pale ass cheeks squeezing up against the balcony railing. The venue looked on in amazement. The show had to go on! Two females twerked on each and pulled up one another’s skirts up for a little skin-on-skin action. One fella couldn’t help but ASSist and slap some butt to rile up the venue some more. At this point, Migos and their squad had become the spectators taking snaps and photos of the far-up fuckery. One of the new vedettes turns exposing a tit, her friend soon takes it into her hand. They jig a bit more before the explicit one turns around with both tits full out having her own fun with them this time. It’s a not turn anyone could have expected the night to take. Then again, realizing that YRN goes so ham they had to create their own phrase to encompass their hype (“piped up”), it’s not so surprising.