From Stadium to Stage: Tim Flannery Returns to SF

From the stadium to the stage, Tim Flannery isn’t a stranger to roaring crowds. As the former third base coach for the San Francisco Giants, fan-favorite ‘Flan’ helped lead the team to an unprecedented three World Series championships in 5 years.  But for those that only know him for his prowess on the field, he’s also enjoyed an illustrious career as a musician.

While playing and coaching in Major League Baseball for over 25 years, Flannery never went anywhere without his guitar by his side. And when the baseball season ended, a new season began for the singer/songwriter. With his band The Lunatic Fringe in tow, Flan toured the globe and released 11 albums, confirming the fact that he’s a bona fide rock star.

Like his guitar, baseball has never left the effervescent Kentucky-bred performer’s sight. In fact it inspires a lot of his music. His most recent album Three Ring Circus, released in September 2015, is a testament to the Giants’ incredible run before his retirement from baseball.

For those that have missed him in the coach’s box, Flannery returns to San Francisco Friday, February 5 for a musical performance at the Great American Music Hall. As his website promises, the show is sure to be a must-see: “With a voice as smooth as Kentucky bourbon and heart worn on both sleeves, Flan’s concerts ebb and flow with brilliant melodies, soaring harmonies and themes of love, travel and connecting with the Great Spirit.”

You can purchase tickets for the concert at Great American Music Hall’s website or at the box office on the day of the show. Whether you love baseball, music or both like Flannery, his performance is sure to be a home run.