Farewells, Reunions, Comebacks, and Anniversaries: Tours You Need to Go To!

2016 is the year of band reunions, anniversary tours celebrating your favorite band's golden album, and tours that are welcoming back bands onto the scene and saying farewell to others. We've compiled these tours into a simple list that you can keep track of, including the rumoured tours. We did all the work so you wouldn't have to!

Reunion Tours:


Underoath: Rebirth Tour

For the first time since the last remaining founding member (Aaron Gillespie) left the band in 2010 and Underoath played their last show in 2013, they will reunite to play the Self Help Festival in San Bernardino on March 19th and the So What Festival on the 20th in Dallas. They also will tour for a select amount of dates, which you can check out below!

Farewell Tours:

Black Sabbath: The End Tour

Black Sabbath announced that they would begin working on their final studio album in 2015 and then tour in 2016. Ozzy recently confirmed that there will not be anymore albums and only a farewell tour beginning in January. Check out the U.S. tour dates below and see if they're coming to a town near you below!

Comeback Tours:

LCD Soundsystem

Since playing their farewell show at Madison Square Garden in 2010, fans have been itching for more music from the band. Normally this would be considered a reunion tour of sorts but the lead singer, James Murphy insisted it wasn't. He clarified by explaining that he's written tons of material since the bands break up and that they will play more than just a show at Coachella, but also release a new album accompanied by a tour.


Thrice went on hiatus in 2012 and finally hinted at their comeback in 2015. At the end of November, it was announced that they would release a new album in 2016. So far the only announced show is at the Shrine in Los Angeles on the 3rd of June. A tour in support of their new album looks extremely likely for this year.

Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals is coming back from hiatus with their full lineup to tour the U.S. After several members joined successful side projects such as Misser and Whats Eat Gilbert, they are ready to reform. Check out the first three announced dates below and keep your ears open for any more additional show announcements!

The Cure

The Cure has been circulating around the festival scene the last couple of years and it was announced that they will be embarking on a tour this year, including a handful of shows in cities where they haven't performed in more a decade. The press release for the tour said this tour will feature, "37 years of songs, mixing hits, rarities, favorites, and as yet unreleased tracks". Check out the U.S. tour dates below!



Anniversary Tours:

Matchbook Romance: Voices 10th Anniversary

Matchbook Romance is celebrating their 2006 album Voices by reuniting after their successful Warped Tour stint last year. There are only three dates so cop your tickets quickly!

Jack's Mannequin: Everything in Transit 10 Year Anniversary

Briefly reforming to tour in celebration of their debut album, Jack's Mannequin is fulfilling their fan's dreams since breaking up and Andrew McMahon retiring the name in 2012. They are only playing a select amount of dates so get your tickets fast!

Pearl Jam: 25th Anniversary

Although no exact dates have been announced, it has been confirmed that Pearl Jam will celebrate their 25th anniversary with a tour of some sorts. For their 20th anniversary, they held a three day festival. We can't wait to see what they have in store for their fans this time around!

The Who: 50th Anniversary

After being around for half a century, the Who will be celebrating this amazing feat via a two leg tour that hits 38 cities. They have expanded their set list for this tour to focus on everything from their early to most recent music. This will no doubt be the tour of the year to see for all the classic rock fans out there.

The Used: 15th Anniversary

In order to celebrate their 15th anniversary, the Used devised a brilliant plan for their latest tour. They will play two nights in each city and each night will play one of their albums in its entirety. The first night they will perform their 2002 self titled album and the second night they will play 2004's In Love and Death. This tour is absolutely essential for any die hard fan of the Used. Check out the dates below to see if they're coming to a city near you!

Naughty By Nature: 25th Anniversary

To celebrate 25 years of hits, such as the notorious O.P.P., Naughty By Nature is going on a 26 city tour starting this January. They also recently teased at the idea of a new EP and it's likely they'll perform a few unreleased tracks on tour. Check out the dates below and see them in action!

Dropkick Murphys: 20th Anniversary

Everyone's favorite Irish punks are heading on tour to celebrate 20 years of rowdiness. Making this tour even more exciting, Tiger Army will join the band on tour to support their first album release in 7 years!


Guns N' Roses

Although they were just confirmed as a headliner for Coachella, it's still up in the air if a reunion tour will occur. Its rumored that the lineup will consist of the original lineup including, Axl Rose, Duff McKagan, and Slash.

Spice Girls 20th Anniversary Reunion

It has been hinted at by Mel B that it's a strong possibility that the most kickass girl group of all time would get back together to celebrate something as big as their 20th anniversary. We're praying to the 90s pop gods that this will become a reality and not just a fantasy!