Artist to Watch: Carly Waddell

If you watched Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor you probably remember Carly Waddell, a beautiful, bubbly blonde who came out of the limo with a karaoke machine and sang her way into our hearts. Though she didn't find the perfect match with Chris, fans quickly fell in love with her outgoing personality and realness. 

When she returned to television earlier this summer on Bachelor in Paradise, we couldn't help but hope that Waddell would find the true love that eluded her. Kirk DeWindt, a handsome redhead who seemed to have a good heart, was a perfect fit. Sparks flew between the couple and fans were all hoping for a happy ending.

Unfortunately, in what's being dubbed as one of the "biggest breakups in The Bachelor history", Kirk ended things the very last week in paradise. The dramatic breakup took fans, Bachelor Nation, and especially Waddell, by surprise. Her emotional reaction struck a chord with viewers, and people lent their support on social media. 

One positive to come from Waddell's negative relationship experience was that it inspired her music. The cruise ship and broadway singer "Taylor Swifted" it by releasing a song the day after the finale aired. "Blindsided" is an emotionally raw interpretation of the heartbreak she felt on the show. The song showcases Waddell's beautiful voice in an unedited, acoustic form. You can listen to it below:

Even though Waddell hasn't had success finding love on national television, it seems she is primed for something even bigger, a music career. Just in the 24 hours since releasing the song on Twitter, her music has already hit home with her fans, with numerous positive responses coming through social media.

One thing is for sure: this girl has talent. If she wasn't heard before, she definitely is now and we want more. We hope someone signs her to a record deal ASAP. We're suggesting her first album be called "Blindsided in Paradise".