AC/DC Hits Home Run at AT&T Park

AT&T Park in San Francisco was rocking Friday night. There were no splash hits, no snot rockets and no playoff clinching. Instead of Madison Bumgarner taking center stage, it was 60-year-old Angus Young and rock-and-roll powerhouses AC/DC.

As the seats started to fill up, a female rendition of Elvis’ “Hound Dog” began to play, prompting opening act Vintage Trouble to take the stage. Lead singer Ty Taylor strutted out in a plaid suit and immediately showcased his pipes with a couple runs that would make Christina Aguilera jealous. Staying true to their name, the screens projected in black and white as the rhythm and blues band started the night with their hit “Hard Times Coming.”

Showcasing The King’s influence once again, Taylor amped up the already excited crowd with hip thrusts, microphone dips and shimmies. As night fell he elicited squeals by saying, “Now that the sun has come down, can we sing some dirty songs out here?” leading into their NSFW song “Total Strangers.” The large stage couldn’t contain the 46-year-old vocalist, as he dove into the crowd during “Run Baby Run.” Fans showed their appreciation of the Hollywood-based group with rousing applause as they excited the stage.

When the lights went out, the ballpark was illuminated by thousands of blinking devil horns. A video began to play of a spacecraft landing on the moon, with astronauts exiting and pointing to an asteroid with AC/DC’s name. As the asteroid crashed into the earth, smoke filled the stage and Brian Johnson began singing “Rock or Bust," prompting screams from the fans. Angus started his signature strut across the stage, not looking a day over 40.

The Australian rock band powered through hit after hit, only taking short breaks between songs to catch their breath. When they played arguably their most popular tune “Back in Black,” the screens followed suit by showcasing the group in black and white. Paying tribute to the venue, they then sang “Play Ball” followed by “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.” Angus took off his hat for the final scream of the fan-favorite, revealing that he may be balding, but he can still shred.

When they played “Thunderstruck,” the stadium responded appropriately as it literally shook from the sound. The crowd rarely had a chance to stop singing as the band continued with chart-toppers “High Voltage,” “Hells Bells,” “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “Sin City.” Everyone knew what was coming as a large blowup woman appeared mid-stage, prompting the popular song about a certain 42"-39"-56" lady.

As Johnson sang the chorus of “Let There Be Rock,” the ballpark was literally bathed in light. To close the song Angus played a long solo, spinning on the floor and strutting across the empty stage. The 15-minute jam session alone was worth the $60+ admission and the crowd responded accordingly, screaming louder than they had the entire night.

For the encore, the stage was alit by fire for “Highway to Hell” as Angus reappeared mimicking the thousands in attendance with devil horns on his head. The band literally went out with a bang as cannons appeared mid-stage and exploded during the chorus of “For Those About to Rock.” As the show came to a close and fireworks went off one thing was for sure, AC/DC hit a home run with their 2-hour performance.