Show Review for Otherwise and We Are Harlot

Monday night in Modesto, California definitely was not a night people were going to miss the opportunity to have some fun at the Fat Cat downtown. The club was filled with supportive fans of Otherwise and We Are Harlot. Even though it was a smaller venue that sure didn't stop Otherwise from killing it. Lead vocalist Adrian Patrick's stage presence brought an overall energetic and positive vibe to the venue and the audience made sure the same was reciprocated. Otherwise is a band that wants nothing more than for people to have a good time and share their hearts through their music.


The headliner for the night was We Are Harlot with former lead singer Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria. It is truly inspiring to see Danny in We Are Harlot singing the music that he is most passionate about. Going from post hardcore metal to 80s metal is a drastic change but he made that change gracefully. Their long styled hair, cowboy boots, brown blazers, and flowing scarves hanging from the microphone helped a little bit as well.  They sounded and played like they have been in this band for years. This new band is coming out swinging and isn't going to give up without a fight.


Monday night was definitely a night to be in Modesto California. If Otherwise or We Are Harlot are in your town they are worth checking out. You will not be disappointed.