The Misfits Toys Tour: Ryn Weaver, ASTR, and HOLYCHILD at the Constellation Room in Santa Ana, November 5th, 2015

The Misfits Toys Tour consists of three acts who have an incredulous amount of creativity that oozes from their pores, which is visualized on stage through dance, fashion, and the very essence of their presence. The first of the three to hit the stage was HOLYCHILD.

Hailing from Los Angeles, HOLYCHILD shocks their audience with their ornate and radiant sense of style, but takes you by surprise with the powerful message behind the brand of music they've aptly titled 'brat pop'. Liz and Louie define this new genre of music as a way to speak about the very things society revolves around (gender, age, money, beauty, and celebrity) but in a sarcastic manner. Their stage show largely consists of Liz dancing around the entire venue, including hopping up on the bar, straddling the patrons sitting in the back while she walks across the couches, and jumping into the crowd to hug every nearby fan. After doing some research and watching their "Money on My Mind" video, I now understand how they've gained such acclaim and a significant following in the last 3 years. Their message is bold and they don't shy away from presenting it in way that's anything less than eye-catching or shocking.

Following HOLYCHILD's magnetic performance was ASTR. The duo consists of New Yorkers Zoe and Adam, who took the internet by storm after performing at CMJ and releasing their Varsity EP in 2014. I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down with them and chat about the tour, their new Homecoming EP, future ambitions, and of course, food.

Initially, I was curious to hear what city had shown them the most love out of the four dates they had played on the tour. They both agreed that on past tours and the present one that, "Every time we go to Portland, its weird but the turn up is real". Then we started chatting about the many festivals they've played over the past two years including, Governor's Ball, Voodoo, SXSW, and Fun Fun Fun Fest. Out of all the acclaimed festivals that they've played, they raved about the Sweetlife festival in Maryland as having the best food and that they were able to play alongside amazing artists such as Lana Del Rey and Chromeo. I also was interested in knowing whether they liked seclusion and isolation when they create music or if they preferred to stay in the busy city life that is New York: "It's nice when you can break it up... It's your real life. Writing is real life, its not a vacation. It's everyday, it's all the time". ASTR revealed that they are excited to spend the winter in LA because of the community, especially at the studios. The interaction and run-ins with other artists is a constant motivation to create the best music possible: "If you're in New York, you're isolated, you're out there, you don't know what else is going on, other people's processes, what other people are doing. In a way, the competition of LA makes you work hard." When I pressed them about the album and the release date, they said it'll definitely be released in 2016 and possibly a "series of ideas...visual interactive stream, a collage of sorts" to go along with it. Without a doubt, this is only the beginning for ASTR. Their brand of electronic synth-pop will be sure to make it alongside the ranks of Ellie Goulding soon enough.

The headliner of the Misfit Toys tour, Ryn Weaver, I spotted earlier outside the venue sitting with her fans in a circle around her while she took a cigarette break. Ryn glows when she sings and just like HOLYCHILD, loves to interact with the crowd in a way that most don't dare. During several songs, she caressed a boy's face and played with his hair while she sang to him. Anytime she spotted someone singing along with her, Ryn's eyes would light up and she would give them a huge grin. Essentially, the entire crowd fell in love with her and was hypnotized by her music.

Her debut album, The Fool, was released in June of this year and has already had tremendous success with its indie pop/alternative tunes. Before the release of her album, the single Octahate was a viral sensation, with the help of Cashmere Cat's remix which has over 2 million plays on Soundcloud alone. Ryn's album is flawless; she has crafted an album that you can play on constant rotation without skipping a single song. All artists strive to achieve this feat, but few are actually able to accomplish it. Ryn certainly is in a class of her own and will be leading the pack of pop singers to come with her talent, message, and music.