FMM Catches up with a fan about his experience at Sunrise 2013

Andre Pommier a 24 year old fan from San Jose, CA recently went to Sunrise 2013 on July 3, 2013 to see DATSIK, DOCTOR P, Butch Clancy, Trolley Snatcha, Pegboard Nerds, and Getter. Kaydee Radovcich with Fifteen Minute Media recently caught up with him to talk about his experience.


FMM: What performer did you initially go to see?
Andre: I didn't know many of the artists but Vital and Midnight are great company's and I trust them for a great time. They brought  other EDM events such as Sunset, Givethanks, and Wobbleland. I had a great time at those so it was a givin I was going to enjoy myself at this show.

FMM: Who put on your favorite performance of the night?
Andre: DATSIK had the best set of the night for me and Doctor P killed it at the end and had the whole crowd moving.

FMM: What was your most memorable moment of the whole night?
Andre: When DATSIK played his set he got me moving with the bass and im not even a big supporter of his genere of EDM.

FMM: What did you think of the venue?
Andre: The venue was a good size, enough for all the people who bought tickets. I wish that the bar was open longer, it closed at 12 and maybe a age restriction to 16 would be nice too.

FMM: How would you describe Sunrise Festival?
It was a great show, it was a good follow up to the last Vital event. Sunset I did enjoy it for being a Dubstep/Trap show two genre's I don't realy connect with but the event company and Dj's helped me expand my mind and enjoy my night.

FMM: Will you be going to Sunrise 2014?
Andre: Hell yes I am !

FMM: Do you attend many EDM events?
Andre: I do when I can or if it's a dj I enjoy. I have been in the EDM scene for a while and this show was a great way to start the 4th of July. My next big EDM show is going to be Beyond Wonderland in September, but until then I love to go support local dj's and the underground scene.

If you haven't had a chance to check out Sunrise, take a look at a replay of the 2012 Sunrise Festival!