Fans talk about filming The Word Alive's music video "Life Cycles"

On March 28, 2013 The Word Alive had on open call to all their fans inviting them down to LA to film their "Life Cycles" music video. Lenny Costa and Lucas Garcia are two fans from Brentwood, CA who happened to make the trip down there for this once in a lifetime experience. Kaydee Radovcich with Fifteen Minute Media got the chance to talk with the guy's about their time filming the video.

Q&A with Lenny and Lucas:

FMM: How long did it take for you guys to make it to the shoot in LA?
Lenny: It took us seven hours to get from my house in Antioch to the warehouse in LA that they filmed in.

FMM: Roughly how long were you guys filming for?
Lenny: We got to the music video shoot around 1:00 and were filming all the way until 9:00, so a total of 8 hours of moshing basically.

FMM: Would you make a trip to be in another video?
Lenny: 100% yes, it was one of the most fun and rewarding experiences, hanging out with the band and getting to be a part of such an awesome video was unforgettable and we would love to plan another trip!

FMM: What was the most memorable moment of the day?
Lenny: For me the most memorable moment had to be when I first met Luke Holland (the drummer) and started talking to him and he is my favorite drummer so getting to hang out with him and finding out he is just the coolest most likable dude, it was pretty awesome.

FMM: If you could share something with the rest of The Word Alive fans what would it be?
Lenny: The thing I would share with the rest of The Word Alive fans would be that they need to go see them live, we saw them two days after the music video shoot and the show was amazing. They sound perfect and they put on an insane show!

FMM: From what Lenny say's you guys were moshing for about 8 hours. How was that?
Lucas: Moshing for eight hours is way more intense then I would have imagined. During the eight hour mosh your getting punched randomly in different parts of the body but you never really feel it till after.

FMM: Did they film anything that wasn't included into the video?
Lucas: There were all kinds of stuff that were filmed and not in the video. There was a part where I was standing on my friend’s shoulders and grabbing hands with the guitar player but it wasn’t in the video.

FMM: How did you like filming in the rain?
Lucas: At first filming in the rain did not sound fun but after we got all sweaty it was the best thing in the world.

FMM: Honestly, since the video came out how many times have you watched it to spot glimpses of yourself and Lenny?
Lucas: Well me and Lenny stayed up till midnight and were the first people to view it and since that day I’ve watched it at least twice a day.

FMM: What was the most memorable moment of the day for you?
Lucas: The whole experience was pretty memorable, but the most memorable part was just getting to hang out with each member of the band and meeting my favorite drummer in the world, Luke Holland.

FMM: If you could share something with the rest of The Word Alive fans what would it be?
Lucas: That each member of the band is incredibly humble. Despite their fame they were happy to hang out and talk with their fans.


Well that's the inside scoop from Lenny Costa and Lucas Garcia, maybe we will catch up with these guy's at Warped Tour 2013! You can catch The Word Alive music video for "Life Cycles" below.