A fan answers questions about his experience seeing Volumes perform

Justin Almazan a 16 year old fan from Brentwood, CA recently went to Red House in Walnut Creek on May 26, 2013 to see Volumes, Glass Cloud, Beyond The Shore and local favorites She's An Animal, Dissipate, Aethere and Taking Us Alive. Kaydee Radovcich with Fifteen Minute Media recently caught up with him to talk about his experience.

FMM: What band did you initially go to see?
Justin: I initially went to the concert to go see Volumes.

FMM: Who put on your favorite performance of the night?
Justin: My favorite performance of the night was Volumes.

FMM: What was your favorite song of the night?
Justin: My favorite song that they played was Wormholes.

FMM: What did you think of the venue?
Justin: I enjoyed The Red House more than I do other venues because of how close you can be to the performers.

FMM: Would you ever go there again?
Justin: I would definitely go to The Red House again and I recommend it to anyone.

FMM: Whats the next concert you plan on seeing?
Justin: The next concert I would like to attend is Warped Tour 2013.

FMM: What was your most memorable moment of the whole night?
Justin: The most memorable moment is when Michael Barr from Volumes got in my face and screamed a line of lyrics.


As you can see Justin is a huge fan of Volumes. You can see them live at Warped Tour or check out their music video for "Edge Of The Earth" below.